3 Ways to Tell Whether You Are Cut Out For Business

Putting up a business requires a lot of talent, skill, and good sense. It is a very risky undertaking because you invest a great deal of resources – money, time, and energy – without a guarantee of returns. Everything can be very volatile. One day your business is fairing pretty well the following day it’s on its way to bankruptcy. You just might never know.

Entrepreneurship is not for everybody, in the first place. There is a category of people that are naturally cut out for doing business. So how do you find out if you are one of them? Here are some telltale signs.

You have always been good at handling money

You have always been very good at making budget decisions. Somehow you are able to stretch the money at hand to cover all your needs. People are often amazed by your gift and praise you for managing your finances well, however difficult the circumstances may be. You find money when you need it and, surprisingly, you even make it grow. If this is you, then you have the makings of a business tycoon.

saving money » Chicago on the Cheap

saving money » Chicago on the Cheap

You are challenged by competition

You have a very competitive spirit. You never backed out on any challenge or dare, in fact, you welcomed it. You liked joining all sorts of contests. Name it; you’ve joined it, from athletic events, to cook fests, to dog shows, to art contests. You like beating out your opponents for the prize. And most of the time, you come out as victor in the end.

The business world is much like a competition. Rival companies try to beat each other out for a bigger portion of the market. They utilize the best marketing strategies in order to siphon their competitor’s clientele. So if you have a competitive edge in you then you’ve got the heart of an entrepreneur.

You love socializing with people

You have always enjoyed being around people. People often see you in social gatherings like weddings, birthday celebrations, and reunions. Everybody’s face seems to light up at the mention of your name. They only have positive comments about you. Your very presence is endearing to most people. You have this certain magic or magnet in you.

American Airlines International 'Economy' Class - Business Insider

American Airlines International ‘Economy’ Class – Business Insider

This is a very good quality of an entrepreneur. Doing business means working with people. In fact, you need a lot of people to bring you success. You need a harmonious working relationship with your manpower. More importantly, you need an excellent relationship with your clients.

If you think you possess all these highly-prized qualities, then you have a very promising future as a businessman. You are a cut above the rest and is bent on success. Not everybody has your gift.

Tax Audits: Learn How To Handle Them And How To Avoid Them Outright!

Tax audits tend to be rare, but nowadays your chances of getting audited are increasing. And most Americans would rather avoid them altogether.

If the IRS decides to audit you, there’s little that can be done to stop it

But don’t be alarmed. A significant percentage of taxpayers have experienced audits (termed “examinations” by the IRS).

It helps to know the following:

1.) Most simple issues including computational errors, missing documents and schedules are often resolved quickly through a “correspondence audit” by mail. Simple sending the requested information, etc. will usually bring the issue to a worry-free conclusion.

2.) The IRS rarely singles out a taxpayer because it thinks he/she has done something wrong. Most personal audits occur as part of an entirely objective statistical review.

3.) Returns that show large gross incomes and those of sole proprietorship are often chosen based on the amount of deductions claimed in relation to the gross business income. Failure to report all income, improperly reported items, and omission of requirements also attract attention.

Top Five Ways to Avoid a Tax Audit -

Top Five Ways to Avoid a Tax Audit -

The taxpayer should never assume or feel that he/she is audited for “personal” reasons. In most cases, there’s no need to be upset or worried at all.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for an audit

Do keep and maintain good records! It’s the best way to breeze through an audit without a hitch. Unpleasant audit experiences often arise due to inadequate records and improperly prepared returns. Also, keep your records for a minimum of three years.

Don’t fabricate receipts and other records to support invalid deductions! And during the audit, don’t lie to the examiner regarding income or any other items. More than a few have been prosecuted for providing false statements and records. In such cases, the best action would be to just pay the tax and give up the deduction!

If you don’t want an IRS audit, there are some things you should be attentive to

1.) Maintain good records. It’s the best way to breeze through an audit and also to avoid being singled out, getting extra attention or getting into trouble in the first place. Keep your tax records safe and secure (preferably in a vault).

Remember to do your math properly. Check and double check your figures. Erroneous data is one red flag that is preventable. The IRS continually cites bad math as a top error in tax returns. Although these may be resolved quickly by “correspondence”, too many errors may indicate carelessness and get you that extra attention you don’t want. When in doubt, use spreadsheet software.

The do's and don'ts of avoiding an audit - The Globe and Mail

The do’s and don’ts of avoiding an audit – The Globe and Mail

2.) Honesty is still the best policy. It’s common sense. Being 100% truthful with your tax return is a must to reduce the chances of an audit. Report all your income and corresponding deductions. Don’t claim the wrong number of dependents and exemptions. Be realistic. If ever you do get audited, you should be able to look the auditor straight in the eye and support your figures without fidgeting.

3.) Keep Personal and Business matters separate. Your tax computation will be simpler if you avoid mingling these two. Avoid doing things like deducting the cost of a lunch with a business partner, claiming your hobby as profit-earning, buying a vacation home as a business investment, deducting the cost of a vacation with a client, etc.

The bottom line is: Be smart and don’t cheat. Don’t be greedy too. Don’t be afraid to report income, deductions and exemptions that you may be entitled to. Keep good records as support. Check and double check your tax return. Preventing the IRS from taking a second look at it is certainly the better alternative.

5 Nutritional Juices to Start Your Morning

For juice lovers out there, waking up to mornings can be healthy and nutritious too. While maintaining a balanced meal in the morning can be very beneficial, morning juices are too beneficial for giving optimum health benefits and better nutrition. Not only will it give energy to get you going in the morning, it makes you stronger too.

Here are delicious morning juices recipes that will help you start your morning healthy and give you the right amount of nutrients to keep you active:

1. Simple Vegetable Juice

The most important ingredient in this juice is celery. Celery is shown to help lower blood pressure by 15 percent – imagine the help you’re getting when adding celery to your juice. People on a raw food diet should take this juice; it contains organic sodium which isn’t found in many raw fruit and veggie diet.


10 medium carrots

8 stalks of celery

2 large beets


Wash them properly and juice everything. Stir well, and serve.

Easy Vegetable Juices | East West Daily

Easy Vegetable Juices | East West Daily

2. Citrus Sensations

Citrus, a very well known source of vitamin C, is good for the body as it helps in strengthening the immune system. This juice is not only healthy for you, but it’s sweet and is very easy to make.


1 large red apple

1 medium sized grapefruit

2 medium sized peaches


Wash them properly and process everything in a juicer, shake well, and serve.

3. Mild Morning Smoothie

This smoothie is very healthy and it’s packed with a lot of vitamins and antioxidants all thanks to the pineapples. Not only is pineapple a strong antioxidant, it’s packed with bromelain, an enzyme that helps in preventing and fighting cancer. This smoothie is right for cancer patients.


½ frozen banana

½ cup of unsweetened pineapples

2 tbsp toasted almond butter

¼ crushed ice


Wash the fruits properly and process everything in a juicer, stir well, and serve.

4. Hangover Juice

This juice is great for replenishing the nutrients lost after drinking the night before. Not only are you gaining the lost nutrients, but you’re getting lycopene, vitamin C, and hydrating water too.


1 lemon

2 celery stalks

3 medium sized tomatoes

1 ½ inch slice of ginger

¼ of large cucumber


Wash them properly and juice everything. Shake well, and serve.

PreceptGirl: Morning Sickness Smoothie

PreceptGirl: Morning Sickness Smoothie


5. Apple, Beet, and Mint Juice

Beet is an antioxidant that contains betalains that help fight inflammation and neutralizes toxin and making them soluble to water and easily flushed out of the body. Beet fiber increases the detoxifying enzymes found in the liver as well.


1 small chopped beet

5 chopped carrots

1 cored and chopped apple

¼ cup of fresh mint sprigs


Wash them properly and press carrots, beets, mint sprigs and apple through juicer. Stir and serve immediately.

You won’t believe the amount of nutrients you’re getting out of this morning juices. So what are you waiting for? Start up your mornings with these fine juice selections now!

Friend with Benefits: 3 Important Rules to Follow

Having a friend with benefits probably is a dream come true for other people. This is especially true to those that don’t to deal with the emotional side of the relationship and only wants its pleasure. You probably have an idea already what this relationship is about by watching it in movies or in some television shows as well stories from friends, but there is more to this kind of relationship that you need to know. Here are three important rules you need to know so you’ll truly benefit from this kind of relationship.

 Have emotional maturity

Before you enter a friend with benefits relationship, take time to evaluate yourself and check if you are already mature in terms of your emotions. If you think your emotions would get the better of you, don’t enter the relationship. If you think you can control your emotions, then you might as well give it a try. Friends with benefits relationship is not an ordinary relationship. Don’t ever get clingy to a person because after all he is not your boyfriend and she is not your girlfriend. When you enter a friends with benefits relationship, you have to be on top of your emotions all the time.

emotional immaturity vs. emotional maturity

emotional immaturity vs. emotional maturity

Lay ground rules

You also have to agree on some rules so your relationship would work. How often will you see each other? Do you need to call each other? The rules should not be coming from one person only. Get the other person involved so that he/ she also has a say about the relationship. You have to set the rules so that both of you will know your limitations in your relationship. Later on, when one party crosses the line, he/ she can no longer use the rules as an excuse to get emotionally involved.

Don’t get emotionally involved

By getting emotionally involved means falling in love. Don’t fall in love with the person that you are having a friend with benefits relationship. Don’t demand attention from the other person because you are technically “friends” only. He is not your boyfriend and she was never your girlfriend. If you get emotionally attached, this will complicate the relationship and chances are you will no longer get the benefits that you have been enjoying before. This is the easiest rule to remember but most of the time this is the hardest rule to follow. Don’t invite the other person to a date because that is a sign of getting emotionally involved. Never fall in love with the other person.

Don't get emotionally involved

Don’t get emotionally involved


Know these rules especially if you want to get the best out of the friends with benefits. When you follow these rules, you’ll be on the receiving end of the relationship and will reap all the benefits but if you cross the line, you might end up getting emotionally hurt. Remember, the cake was given to you and is already yours but you don’t have to eat it all. You also have to know the limitations.

Important Apps That You Can Use During an Emergency

Smartphones are indispensable gadgets for today’s generation. This is because for its size, you can do many things with it. You can check an important email with it, you can text and call your friends, you can watch movies and at the same time you can download and install apps for their different entertainment value. There are many apps that anyone can download that they can use to play games, study the lessons and most of all those that can be used during an emergency. Here are some disaster app examples that you need to have so you’ll know what to do in case of an emergency.

Meal Train 

During a disaster or a natural calamity, many people could lose homes and other properties. After the disaster has happened, they are so preoccupied on many things. They are focused to taking care of their sick, tend to the injured and focus on rising up and rebuilding. With so many things to think about, they often forget to do simple things as preparing dinner. This is where the Meal Train app comes in. This is a meal calendar tool that allows other people to help those who are not able to prepare their own meal. They can even invite their friends to also help. With the Meal Train, families no longer need to worry about meal preparation.

Teen Designed Emergency App Keeps Your Loved Ones At Ease and

Teen Designed Emergency App Keeps Your Loved Ones At Ease and


This app stands for “personal alerts” and is another useful tool that can be used during an emergency. As soon as there is an emergency, it automatically records the phone conversations and voices together.

During an emergency, you no longer need to dial 911. You can just press their SOS button and your GPS location will be sent to the list of emergency numbers. It sends both email format and SMS format to ensure that when you ask for help it will be received by the intended recipient. You can even set the phone to send an alert in case your phone dies during an emergency.


Last but not the least is Life360. It is an app that supports anyone during an emergency. Several families can use this app including those that already entered information to the app. One simple feature of this app is to let the other members of the family know where you are along the GPS locations. During a disaster for example, lines would be cut and there would be no signal to send a text message to your loved ones. With the help of Life360, they were able to tell their relatives that they are alright and well taken care of.

ICE: In Case of Emergency - Android

ICE: In Case of Emergency – Android

Final words 

As they say, the best way to be ready for an emergency is to prepare. Instead of filling up your smartphone memory with endless game apps, try to leave a slot for emergency apps. These are apps that are specifically designed to help in case of a specific emergency. It won’t cost anything and would only occupy a small amount of memory. It may not be important yet but during an emergency, it might even save your life.